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Questions & Answers

Does therapy work?

Yes! Study after study has shown that family, couple, individual and group therapy are effective treatments for a wide range of issues and presenting problems. Recent research suggests that an average person who receives marital therapy is significantly better off than 84% of those who choose not to seek treatment. Know that in working with me you will be working with a therapist who prioritizes therapy services proven to be effective through research so you get the best return on your investment. 

How much does it cost, and can I use insurance?

I am only contracted through one insurance company which is Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Therefore, many of my clients choose to self-pay for therapy. There are both pros and cons to using insurance for therapy services. I am happy to review these with you at our first session. 


Unfortunately, I am unable to see patients who have Medicare as their primary insurance, even if they also have Blue Cross/Blue Shield as secondary insurance. In addition, I am not considered an in-network provider for those who have BlueValue or BlueLocal insurance plans. 


My fee for service for individual, couple, and family therapy is $190.00 for each 50-minute session.

Many insurance companies provide out-of-network benefits for their clients. It pays to explore this as an option. Many clients take advantage of this benefit which allows them to see me for therapy and receive reimbursement directly from their insurance company. If they are available to you, I am willing to provide a receipt and any documentation required for you to receive reimbursement. 

Couples Therapy Cost & Insurance Information:

I do not accept insurance for couples therapy.  Many insurance plans do not offer coverage for couples therapy, and in order to remain fully focused on the needs of the couple, I maintain the couple as the client rather than choosing one partner to be the identified patient. You are responsible for the full fee for service and will be provided with a receipt upon request. You may use this to file for any reimbursement provided by your insurance plan through out-of-network benefits (see above for more info). 

The cost for coaching services is higher than my therapy rate and can be discussed when you contact me regarding my professional/executive coaching services. 

Click for copy of Good Faith Estimate required by the "No Surprises Act"

What if you aren't a good "fit" for me?

I understand that finding a therapist can be difficult. Choosing a therapist (or coach) that you’ll invite into the most private part of your life by simply looking at a website is unrealistic. Perhaps a similar thought is going through your mind. It certainly would be going through mine! Fit is very important and not every therapist/coach-client combination is right. If we are not a good fit, believe me, I will not take it personally. I will do everything in my power to help you find another therapist/coach who’s a better match for you.

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

Therapy traditionally focuses on deep inner-work between a client and a therapist that can focus on specific symptoms, past hurts, experiences from childhood and patterns of interaction that impact all areas of a client's life. Coaching is a much more structured process focused directly on your work environment, strengths and professional goals. 

Ryan Wishart Therapy FAQs
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